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Rumours addressed by Willowbank Raceway

Article Date: 2 December 2011

Following the announcement of the new insurance arrangements by Willowbank Raceway last week, a number of rumours and questions have come to the tracks attention.

Willowbank Raceway would like to take this opportunity to address these to discourage the spread of misinformation. For more information or comment, please contact the track directly using the contact details provided at the bottom of this media release.

Has Willowbank Raceway been provided cheaper insurance than what has been supplied to ANDRA?
No. We believe we have paid a rate slightly higher than that paid by ANDRA for insurance; however the cost reduction to us is achieved from the flat rate of insurance, as opposed to the current system where we pay more and more based on the amount of events run.  Further savings are also achieved for the tracks as ANDRA charges a significant management fee, which effectively marks up the insurance cost.

Do the moves announced by Willowbank Raceway represent a power play against ANDRA?
No. It is no secret the tracks are struggling with the worldwide trend of smaller crowd attendances, and like all major motorsport disciplines around the world we are all working hard on our marketing, and our finances to stay in business. We feel the insurance decision is a correct business decision to reduce costs, and is not in any way a power play against ANDRA.

Is Willowbank Raceway walking away from ANDRA?
Willowbank Raceway is not walking away from ANDRA. We plan to run the ANDRA Pro Series and other major events under ANDRA Sanction. We will use our own insurance at all events, but will not require ANDRA sanction at our smaller events.

Is the insurance gained by Willowbank Raceway as good as that of ANDRA?
We have an identical $50 million cover to the ANDRA policy.

Are the major tracks working towards running their own Professional Drag Racing Series?
The major tracks do not have plans to run our own Professional Drag Racing Series.

Are the major tracks on a ‘collision course’ with ANDRA?
This is untrue. We are focused on our business and the sport to make sure we survive in this very tough economic climate, and this decision is based on saving money in the business. This is exactly what any other business does to survive.

The new ANDRA Board was unaware of the tracks’ concerns about insurance and the Street Car regulations?
The major tracks have had representation on the ANDRA National Control Council for many years, and have consistently raised the issues of the cost of insurance and permits at smaller events, as well as the out of date regulations which cover street vehicle drag racing. Evidence of this is recorded in all ANDRA NCC Minutes of the last several years and is freely available for all to see. Also of note is that many members of the new ANDRA Board were part of the NCC for many years and are acutely aware of these issues.

For more information, please contact Willowbank Raceway as follows:

Willowbank Raceway – 07 54615461 – www.willowbankraceway.com.au

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