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Hello Racers,

Following on from the recent release advising that the facility won’t be 100% ready to host the NDRC event and QDRC Final on the first weekend in December, we have been working very hard to work through some of the unforeseen project overruns in regard to the facility.

It has always been our intention where possible to get information out to competitors in a timely manner.  With that in mind, we have rescheduled the QDRC final Saturday 09 December 2023 this will be preceded by a Test-n-Tune Friday 08 December.  We are fully aware of the effect this may have on some of you; however, we are hoping to get champions crowned before the new season commences in 2024. 

All going well, keep Saturday 9th December in your diaries for the Final round of QDRC, we will keep you informed if the situation should change.